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TSI Supercool

Supercool Air Conditioner Performance Enhancer R134A

Supercool Air Conditioner Performance Enhancer R134A

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for automotive AC

Part# 16129 (4oz)


Supercool air conditioner performance enhancer

R134a Performance enhancer 4oz (114g)


Product Specifications

 When connecting the injector, tilt back the coupling at the end of the injector, push the adapter in, and then push the coupling back to its original position to fix it.

Only compatible with R134a air conditioning systems (not available on R-12)

Won't damage A/C system or components

Compatible with PAG, ester and mineral oils

3° to 9° reduction in vehicle air conditioner temperature Blend of 2 oz of coolant enhancer and 2 oz of R134a refrigerant

Reduce frictional resistance and improve system efficiency.

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