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TSI Supercool

Supercool Fluorescent Dye Fluorescent Solution 16oz

Supercool Fluorescent Dye Fluorescent Solution 16oz

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HVACR Fluorescent Dye 16oz #24551

Supercool fluorescent dye fluorescent solution (large capacity)

" American Supercool manufacturing ISO 9001 certified product "

HVAC Fluorescent Dye 16oz. #24551

HVAC UV Dye 16oz.

Product Specifications

Locate leaks quickly and easily

HFC free, HFO free applied

Compatible with PAG, PAO, Ester, and Mineral Oil

Improves the efficiency of compressor and air conditioning systems

Finding leaks with U/V flashlight

Solvent free

Contains anti-wear and friction modifiers to enhance compressor life and efficiency

How to use

Put the solution into the A/C system and run the system to circulate the dye.

U/V light is used to check the leakage part, and the fluorescent material glows in the part where the refrigerant is leaking.

After repair, clean the area and check the repaired area once again

If the solution is not drained, the dye remains and can be tested for leaks later.

division Fluorescent dye 10g Fluorescent dye 20g
amount of refrigerant up to 2,000g (2 tons) up to 4,000g (4 tons)
cooling capacity up to 3,000g (3 tons) 3 tons - 6 tons

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