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ELANMAX Mini Control Valve Integrated Refrigerant Hose

ELANMAX Mini Control Valve Integrated Refrigerant Hose

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Elanmax European Brand Manufacturer

Manufacturer of Permanent Brand products Superior quality

Elanmax Mini Control Valve Hose Integral

1/4" x 1/4" R410/ R22 compatible (HS72"-CR455)

L-shaped control valve and hose integral type , O-ring separation prevention through double O-ring process

One-touch design allows you to screw the fitting into the system before starting refrigerant flow

Prevention of refrigerant loss and risk of burns in advance

Easy to start and stop by simply turning the knob

Fittings do not come loose, and rotational movement of the hose prevents unnecessary compression and leaks.


US Continental hose application

Blue: 5/16 x 1/4, Red: 5/16 x 1/4, Yellow: 1/4 x 1/4

Fits standard refrigerants with 72" hose (183cm)

360 degree rotation control valve

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